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Who is Kevin J Reid?

An in demand executive and communications coach with over 15 years national and international experience in coaching and training. My clients include CEO’s, general managers, sales teams, individuals and entire organisations.
I have coached across numerous sectors in Ireland, UK, Europe and America. These assignments have given me significant experience as a communicator as I help individuals and organisations to develop their vision, mission, organisational culture and achieve their performance related goals.

Through the process of coaching I will help you to develop a greater level of self-awareness and to become more effective in everything you do. I have the skills to understand quickly where you are at present and in which direction you want to go.

Through a solid trust-driven relationship, plain talk and a nurturing yet challenging environment focus is placed on unlocking potential in order to maximise your very best performance.

With my expertise in interpersonal communication and in a nurturing yet challenging environment I provide support and impartial feedback to empower clients to achieve their desired objectives. By empowering my clients they achieve creativity, build confidence and generate a culture of continuous self improvement.

Client feedback has described my style as ‘having an innate knowledge of the human condition’ and to be ‘trustworthy, professional’ and to ‘have been a force for great and powerful change’ and to have given ‘care, provocation, advice, support and encouragement.’

Coaching is the key to unlocking the potential of your people, your organisation and yourself

Vladimir Kotelnikov


My modus operandi is to banish the negative and accentuate the positive habits that control your work life. My methods are simple yet effective. By becoming self-aware you can then gain clarity and objectivity and gain a new sense of direction and purpose in your work life leading in turn to real and lasting change.
The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organisation's valuable resources.
Harvard Business Review

Business coaching is the most relevant solution for an individual seeking to empower themselves or find a solution to a specific issue. Without claiming to being all things to all people, my style of coaching will be adaptable to meet your requirements.

Through conversational coaching we will build mutual rapport and understanding. My aim is for you to enjoy the process of coaching and have a bit of fun along the way as you form positive behavioural habits.

Who exactly seeks out a coach?

Winners who want more out of life

Chicago Tribune


My coaching ethos is to keep it simple. I will provide you with simple achievable solutions to your complex issues. The solutions I lead you to will be within your existing skill set, easy to habit-form and achieve success with.
A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist.
The Business Journal

Often as not the Coachee requires an impartial third party, which is the coach, with whom to set out their story. Often the simple act of listening to your issues and then voicing an impartial and objective opinion can bring clarity to a seemingly impossible situation.

You will hold all of the answers to your goals. Through asking you the right questions I will unlock your true potential. Constructive feedback is an essential element of the coaching processes, although always in a nurturing environment and with your best interests in mind.

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