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Kevin has been coaching me for over a year now and helped me develop personally and professionally. I started working with him during my time on the national board of AIESEC Ireland and continued virtually after my start at Google.

During this time Kevin helped me to keep a healthy work-life balance while still pursuing my career goals and strongly supported my development in leadership, business communication, and career development.

Kevin understands someone’s personality and way of thinking very quickly which gives him the ability to challenge and advise you in the best way. He always keeps the bigger picture in mind and provides honest and constructive feedback.

I’m very grateful to have the chance to work with Kevin and can strongly recommend him as a coach and mentor to anyone looking for professional or personal growth.

Pia Kersten, Associate Account Strategist

Kevin recently provided me with some one-to-one coaching. Kevin is extremely observant and insightful. He provided me with some meaningful thoughts, techniques actions and phrases to use going forward. Kevin’s advice is practical and easy to implement. Having never had any coaching before, I found the process to be extremely valuable in my career journey. Having more of an awareness of what I do and what I say has enabled me to strengthen my leadership skills in my current role. Thanks for all your help Kevin!

Siobháin Whyte, UKI Assurance Senior Manager and L&D Lead for Ireland

Coaching sessions with Kevin are an excellent way of opening your eyes to a wide range of knowledge, including your own self-awareness and different methods and tricks that will help to make you more effective in business and life in general.

Through building my self-confidence Kevin inspired me to start this exciting daily journey to becoming a stronger professional: I believe in the future success of the goals I set for myself and most importantly I know how to achieve them.

On top of everything else, Kevin is a great individual and he himself can be one of biggest examples of success. Kevin is always there if I need his advice, he keeps supporting me and motivates me to move forward with my ideas and new opportunities.

I highly recommend Kevin as an executive communications coach and mentor.

Tatiana Christofi, International Sales Manager
Oscars International

After setting up CUBE Design seven years ago, I was at a point where I was either going to take this further, or not. As fate would have it, I was invited to a seminar where I was introduced to Kevin. We sat at the same table and had a really good conversation, which led me to engage Kevin to help my business go further.

This was one of the best decisions I have made. Kevin helped me to, in his own words, banish myself limiting beliefs, and gave me really good advice and guidance when I needed it.

After a year of coaching with Kevin on a one to one basis, I feel that myself and my business have progressed greatly. I feel very comfortable with Kevin, and know that anything that is said is in total confidence. He knows exactly when to ramp things up with me, and when to let it go a bit slower. He can almost read my thoughts. His experience and knowledge has empowered me to take CUBE Design to the next level, and along the way helping me on a personal level, which is equally important when you are the business.

I would highly recommend Kevin to a small business owner. He can really help you focus.

Barbara Monaghan, Visual Brand Consultant
CUBE Design

Myself and all the other summer interns at Grant Thornton were lucky enough to have a workshop with Kevin last Thursday. I was very impressed with his deep understanding of social interaction, tips on how to network correctly and his ability to engage with his listeners.

Odhrán Ó Siochrú
Grant Thornton LLP
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